7 reasons why you should consider making video resume.

Vichitra Attri
7 Nov
• 2 min

Here is the list of seven reasons why should you consider making a video resume instead of a simple paper resume.

1. First, you will be noticed. That's the real reason it succeeds in the first place. To get a job, you must outperform your competition, or at least stand out. With a video resume you already outnumbered him by 80% of candidates.

2. Employers can find out about you. They know that if they hire you, you will be a part of their life. They spend time with you, sharing good and difficult moments. You should know that you are not only a skilled professional, but also a good person.

3. It can potentially give you much more information than a paper document. You already know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine twenty-five words in one second. Over 70% of all his communication appears to be non-verbal. it just doesn't exist on paper

4. If done correctly, it will be fully visible. People have lost focus for a long time. Paper resumes are usually not fully read, especially since in many applications employers move on to the next resume after a few lines. Instead, a good video resume has the power to captivate employers until the very end.

5. This is the first step to the interview. If you're making a concise list of candidates to interview, you're a natural choice because employers already know you and it feels like they already know you. you will be remembered. Even if you manage to evoke emotion in some way, they'll keep talking about you and the impression you made. I even send my video resume to friends and other companies. Suddenly, your chances of finding a job increase exponentially.

7. If you feel awkward or nervous about presenting yourself in public, like in an interview, a video resume can help you appear confident and relaxed.

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