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TLDR; GoClip believes in "We know it when we see it".
We are GoClip, set on our journey to introduce to the world - the most exciting way of creating job posts.  With more empowered way of sharing, we are determined to help people share their stories and not their names, grades or achievements unlike in traditional resumes. By allowing the employers to shoot videos about the job openings at their place, we ensure the rights of job seekers to get a peak of where they are going to work for years if not lifetime. We share dream of creating a reliable, productive & happy workforce with all those waiting to hire. At the same time we envision GoClip to be an ally of every job seeker in one their biggest decision - choosing a workplace. We @GoClip are passionate about harnessing the true power of short video format and using it to create productive engagement, be it between a Job Seeker and an HR or a Startup and an Investor.

who are we?

Our Idea
The idea behind goClip is to provide a single platform to job seekers, employers, and startups that simplify their hiring process.
The Differentiator
GoClip makes use of engaging clips and allows job seekers to make themselves stand out from the crowd by applying with a virtual video resume.
Vision & Mission
The vision behind the goClip is to provide a platform that serves the requirement of job seekers, employers, and startup founders in one app.
Hire the Best
The app helps employers to get their perfect candidate, not because of their work experience, but by seeing their skills video in their resume.

product roadmap

July 2022
Ideation, Research
Short Video has took the social media market the way nothing ever has, Paper is getting replaced & people are getting more vocal. Our research backed the same, hence GoClip was born.
September 2022
App Development
The app is built over flutter and uses AWS as cloud hosting, along with authentication from Firebase and SQL Database
August 2022
UI & Protyping
We started with researching the UI and creation began. The prototype was built in order to supplement the research and get the market validation.
October 2022
Public Launch
Public launch shall be made by the end of october after the initial testing and feedback with a significant group of people for the alpha build.

the people


 Beta v1.0.1

download to shortify the hiring process

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